The Steel Cutting of L3 Mock-Up of CSSC¡¯s First Large Cruise Ship Project built in China was Officially held.

In the morning of April 26, 2019,the Steel Cutting of L3 Mock-Up of CSSC¡¯s first large cruise ship project built in China was successfully held, which marked the first step in the field of site work of large cruise ship project.

Mr. Alex Tunstall, New Shipbuilding Project Manager of CSSC Carnival (JVSO), Mr. Michele Francovigh, Project Manager of JVPC, Mr. Zhu Haikun, Shanghai Regional Manager of LR, Mr. Xie Daming, Cruise Ship Project Manager of CCS,  Mr. Yiting, Cruise Ship Site Manager, Mr. Zhou Qi, Vice President of SWS and Mr. Zhang Song, Assistant President of SWS, attended the Steel Cutting ceremony. Mr. Yi Guowei, deputy manager of H1508 Project, hosted the ceremony. The executives of Cruise Ship Project Dept., Manufacturing Dept, Executives Administration Office, Production Operation Dept., and Quality Assurance and Control Dept., as well as the relevant personnel of LR and CCS, attended the Steel Cutting ceremony.

L3 Mock-Up of the first large cruise ship project built in China, is a simulated shipbuilding project based on Mock-Up, aiming at cruise structure, outfitting and internal decoration. In the process of implementation of Mock-Up, various processes of design, procurement, scientific research and production will be straightened out, and a preliminary working mode will be formed and verified.

L3 Mock-Up is scheduled to complete the first phase of construction work on 16 August, with the subsequent internal decoration for phase II. At present, SWS has carried out the first phase of the procurement of related materials, some of which have passed the assessment and has arrvied. The next phase, SWS will carry out the detailed planning of internal decoration for phase II, which is expected to be completed on October 30.

L3 Mock-Up of the large cruise ship project, is an important way to solve the problem of internal and external interfaces under special management frameworks, which including data transmission between design dept. and production departments, to sort out the drawing mode, total package strategy, etc. It is helpful for all departments of SWS to be familiar with new roles, new tasks, & clarify the interface logic, and lay a solid foundation for the upcoming cruise production.

The H1508 project team expressed that L3 Mock-Up is an important prerequisite for the smooth delivery of the first large cruise ship built in China project, and a key step to further verify the working mode and system process of the cruise ship project. Under the guidance of the strategy of "Group Development of Cruise Ship, Merchant Vessel and Offshore Product " (Note: Leading by Cruise Ship, balancing Merchant Vessel and Offshore Product?), all H1508 project team members will hold a highly enthusiastic learning attitude, think seriously, innovate actively, and ensure the first large cruise ship project built in China delivered in time and with high quality.

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