SWS "SWS Capesize Bulk Carrier" won the ''Shanghai Brand' certification

On June 12th, 2019,the award ceremony of the ¡°Shanghai Brand¡± certified enterprise was held in Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Building. Xu Kunlin, deputy mayor of Shanghai, attended the ceremony. SWS¡°SWS Capesize Bulk Carrier¡± was selected as ¡°Shanghai Brand¡±.

The ¡°Shanghai Brand¡± certification was launched in 2017, in accordance with the operating mechanism of ¡°Government Promotion, Social Participation, Standard Leading, and Market Operation¡±, it introduced the internationally-accepted market-based third-party certification methods and obtained the support of the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration and the Commercial Committee, which is one of the important tasks supporting the construction of Shanghai Service, Shanghai Manufacturing, Shanghai Shopping, Shanghai Culture ¡°Four Brands¡± and ¡°Shanghai Standards¡±. In view of the rapid development of SWS in recent years and the market position of ¡°SWS Capesize Bulk Carrier¡±, the SWS ¡°SWS Capesize Bulk Carrier¡± has stood out from more than 600 companies participating in brand certification and obtained the "Shanghai Brand" certification.

``Shanghai Brand'' certification focus on evaluating whether the declared enterprises and products are good enterprises and products from both enterprises and products, and  successively passed the``general requirement evaluation'' , ``factory quality assurance capability inspection'' and ¡°product test'' to determine whether the declared products can become industry benchmarks. The certification standards formed on the basis of evaluation will serve as the basis for the certification of similar products in the future.

On September 14, 2018, the evaluation of SWS was officially launched, and Zhang Wei, Deputy General Manager of the Company attended the launching meeting and made clear requirements. Subsequently, in the evaluation of ¡°general requirements evaluation'' and ¡°factory quality assurance capability inspection'' , the company passed smoothly with a solid quality management foundation.

In June 2019, <``Shanghai Brand'' evaluation and certification basis: SWS Capesize Bulk Carrier Standard>officially passed the evaluation of Shanghai Institute of Standardization and became Shanghai Group Standard. This standard defines the main performance indicators and related construction requirements of SWS Capesize Bulk Carrier, and becomes the standard for subsequent application of other ship companies for product certification of the same type.

Brand is an important cornerstone of enterprise foundation and development. With the Jack-Up drilling rig of``Shanghai brand'', the company has again launched the``SWS'' brand. In the future, the Company will continue to improve the brand construction team and operating mechanism to effectively maintain the brand influence of "SWS ''.

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