The naming & delivery ceremony of CJ46 Jack up rig was held in SWS

On August 2, the CJ46 offshore jack-up drilling rig built by SWS, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, ushered in a naming ceremony at SWS OFFSHORE. The attendees included Mr. Li Bing, Director of Capital Bureau of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Mr. Zhu Bixin, Chairman of China chengtong holdings group LTD, Mr. Lu Bo, Vice President of CNOOC, Mr. Yu Feng, Vice President, China oilfield services co. LTD, Mr. Deng Mingchuan, President of Beijing guohai offshore asset management co.LTD, Mr. Chen Gang, President of SWS and others. The Drilling platform was named as Asian Endeavour 1 by Mrs. Jia Haiying, member of CSSC Party Leadership Group also Chief accountant.

The CJ46 Jack up rig is registered into ABS. It is 69.125 meters long, 62 meters wide, and each leg is 147.4 meters long, with a maximum operating depth of 37,500 feet, 11,407 tons of light weight, and is equipped with NOV drilling equipment. The superstructure can accommodate 120 people at the same time by its advanced comprehensive performance. This jack-up drilling rig was delivered on July 20, which is the second completed and delivered unit within a month after the delivery of a CJ50 Jack up rig on June 28. It is also the sixth drilling rig delivered by SWS so far, what indicates that a new opportunity for the development of SWS¡¯s Marine engineering equipment is arriving.

Since this year, under the leadership of CSSC, SWS has seized the new demands and changes in the international offshore engineering market, adjusted the production plan timely, strengthened the overall planning and coordination of offshore products, and accelerated the integrated construction of products under construction to meet the market needs.

SWS is an important construction base of China's offshore Jack up drilling rig. Since 2011, it has successfully developed, designed and built JU2000E, CJ46, CJ50 and other series of products, and the company has won increased market competitiveness and influence step by step. Relying on the comprehensive strength of CSSC and its own scientific and technological innovation, SWS has successively overcome many key technical problems and formed a unique and complete project management system on offshore Jack up drilling rig.

In recent years, in order to improve the safety of platform lifting, an innovative optimization design method of lifting control system was proposed by SWS. In order to break the limitation of the traditional sliding installation method of cantilever beam, a new type of general assembly lifting and positioning method is proposed by using the small floating crane at the wharf. In particular, soil mechanics and fluid-solid coupling methods are used to calculate and simulate the depth and puncture of the platform pile. As it is the first time for soft clay puncture calculation to be carried out in China, this research project has won the second prize of Shanghai science and technology progress award, the first prize of CSSC science and technology progress award, the first prize of science and technology award of China ocean engineering consulting association and the first prize of science and technology award of Chinese society of naval architecture engineering. In addition, "research on integrated standardization of jack-up drilling platform" of SWS was awarded the first prize and the second prize of scientific and technological progress award of CSSC and Shanghai scientific and technological progress award. "400 feet Jack up drilling rig key construction technology of cantilever beam and derrick", "JU2000E Jack up drilling rig lift system design and pile up technology research", "Jack up drilling rig modular construction technology", "flat ground integrated construction technology of offshore platform and sliding launching technology" won the second prize of scientific and technological progress award of CSSC etc; The patent of "a kind of lift-out accommodation structure of Jack up drilling rig" won the patent award of Marine and offshore engineering industry.

This naming and delivery ceremony was hosted by Mr. Wu Yongjun, Chairman of SWS Offshore. The attendees also included Mr. Wang Yongliang, Director of Marine and Offshore engineering department of CSSC, Mr Li. Chaokun, Director of financial department, Mr. Tao Hongjun, President of CSSCIC, and responsible persons of ABS classification society, Nicheng government, Lin-gang special area administration, Yangshan port maritime safety administration and other relevant units. The attending leaders and guests inspected the under constructed units after the naming ceremony.

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