CSSC President Wu Qiang listened to the debrief of SWS on ¡°13th Five-year Plan¡±
On Oct 31st, Wu Qiang, President of CSSC, Ma Yunxiang, who is the deputy director of Planning and Development Dept of CSSC, Wu Qiang, President of CSSC, listened to the report from SWS on ¡°13th Five-year Plan¡±. President of SWS, Wang Qi, reported SWS¡¯ general strategy and main target in the plan and Chairman of SWS, Huang Yongxi, made additional points. President Wang Qi points out that SWS shall persist in positioning on "First in China and Leading in the World" in future and stick to the strategic principles of "Appropriately Enlarge the Business, Focus on Making the Company Strong, Stabilize the Main Business, Diversify the Business".

CSSC president Wu Qiang highly appraised ¡°13th Five-year Plan¡± of SWS for its clear thoughts and specific measures. In addition, he also phrased SWS as one flag of CSSC¡¯s. After years of development, SWS had already cultivated four famous brands, bulk carrier, oil tanker, ultra-large container ship and VLCC, being a good example for other sister shipyards among CSSC. Furthermore, President Wu Qiang also made important instructions on aspects of future capacity planning of SWS, positioning and development of SWS OFFSHORE and SCH, efficiency improvement, information construction, cruise ships construction and resources planning etc. He then encouraged SWS management team to build confidence and resolution, steadily and surely, to strive for delivery of the first cruise ship by the end of the ¡°13th Five-year plan¡±.

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