SWS Youth League Affairs Organized a Blind Date Party

On August 20th, a youth blind date organized by the Youth League Affairs with the theme of "Date on the Magpie Festival, Love in sea of flowers", was held in the "Zhoupu Flower Sea" ecological park. 35 single young men from SWS, SCH and SWS Offshore and 35 single young ladies from the Shanghai Seventh People's Hospital and Rural Commercial Bank took part in the party. At the beginning, the ice-breaking game "Draw Something" broke the awkward atmosphere through magic hands and made everybody laugh out loud. Soon it was time for lunch, the acquainted crowd prepared by themselves and enjoyed a fabulous and happy outdoor barbecue. Some also found their own partners to play poker and guess who is the spy through poker games. All these made it seem like a big family picnic scene.

After lunch, in order to further strengthen the exchange of feelings, the organizer let them wear eye shields to promote mutual trust and support. The "Three-legged race" furthermore promoted their tacit understanding and cooperation. The last round game ¡°Love in sea of flowers¡± pushed the party to a climax. The guys held roses and respectively expressed their love feelings to their miss rights. Finally, 7 couples paired for love and others exchanged their contact information to continue further romance.

It is reported that this is the eighth session of blind date party organized by the Youth League Affairs of SWS. With the principle of ¡°serve the enterprise and serve young people¡±, the Youth Leage Affairs shall continue to organize more activities of high quality for the young people.


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