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SWS obtain the Accord for local cruise ships which to be built in Shanghai

China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), China Investment Capital Corporation (CIC), Carnival (UK) Limited (Carnival), Fincantieri S.p.A (Fincantieri), CSS Cruise Technology Development Co., Ltd. (CCTD) and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (SWS), jointly signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for two plus two (2+2) newbuilding VISTA-class Cruise Ships at the 11th China Cruise Shipping Conference (CCS11) on Sep 23rd, in Tianjin, China. The order for first bunch of domestic cruise ships finally lands on the ground, and SWS, a subsidiary under CSSC, harvested the order and is expected to deliver the first cruise ship in 2022. Subsequent to the Cruise Shipbuilding Joint Venture Agreement signed by CSSC and Fincantieri in July 2016, the MOA marks that the eye-catching domestic cruise shipbuilding has moved a new step forward and it also installed a huge engine to construct Shanghai as the Chinese NO.1 cruise ship home port.

In accordance with the MOA, the Cruise Shipowning Joint Venture (the “Shipowning JV”) jointly invested and established by CSSC, CIC and Carnival, will place an order of two firm large cruise ships to the Cruise Shipbuilding Joint Venture (the” JV Prime Contractor”) jointly invested and established by CSSC and Fincantieri, the Shipowning JV is also granted an option to order two additional cruise ships.

In Oct. 2013, CSSC officially launched its Chinese domestic cruise shipbuilding project. The cooperation with global largest cruise ship operator Carnival and the most experienced cruise shipbuilding conglomerate Fincantieri could make better use of the strength of the international cruise ship giant and the builder. By virtue of reasonable business operation mode and international technical cooperation and exchange, we could develop Chineses cruise industry by minor risk and rapid speed, and realize our dream of taking Chinese domestic cruise ships at an early date. The reason why the first China-built cruise ship project’s responsibility falls to SWS is due to her rich experience in large vessel design and construction, her brand influence in the world shipbuilding market, and the leading role of SWS occupied in domestic and worldwide shipbuilding market over the years. SWS, the key enterprise with the strongest shipbuilding capability and technology strength under CSSC, always stands at a strategic level of the state, actively bears the important duty to build our national cruise ship brand, and push the transformation and upgrading of Chinese shipbuilding industry with unremitting efforts. As a pearl on world shipbuilding crown, the cruise ship is the top product among all ship products, and is the real symbol to measure the design and construction capability and management level of a shipbuilding enterprise. The march to the cruise shipbuilding market will largely elevate the overall image and competitive position of SWS, and comprehensively improve her overall strength and sustainable development ability.

The forthcoming Chinese first domestic cruise ship built in SWS is designed in the basis of Carnival’s VISTA-class platform, and CSSC will further customize the design according to the Chinese cruising market and specific tastes of Chinese travelers. It is reported that the gross tonnage of a VISTA-class cruise ship is around 133,500 GT, the length is around 323 meters, and the ship has 15 decks and more than 2000 cabins with the maximum capacity to accommodate around 5000 passengers. The VISTA-class cruise ship perfectly integrates the modern Science and technology with cultural deposits which can provide the passengers with the best service full of exotic feelings and relaxed experience. The further execution of this cruise ship order will further promote the growth of Chinese cruise market, fully open the mode of “Chinese cruise ship built in China”, and push China to become the world’s largest cruise ship market.

The signing of the MOA indicates that Chinese domestic cruise shipbuilding project has entered into a substantial phase. Under the strong support of relevant state ministries and commissions and CSSC, SWS will rapidly integrate the most powerful technology strength and high quality resources of the R&D institution and the equipment enterprise under CSSC, carry out all-round shipyard infrastructure transformation, ship construction finance, ship type R&D, supply chain establishment, talent pool cultivation as well as other relevant works of cruise ships. Ma Yunxiang, director of the Development & Planning Department of CSSC, and Chen Gang, Vice President of SWS signed on the MOA as representatives of each party. Wu Qiang, President of CSSC, and Wang Qi, Chairman of the Board of SWS, witnessed the signing ceremony on the stages.


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