The Naming Ceremony of 300K DWT VLCC H1358 was grand held
      In this golden autumn, the atmosphere is permeated with fragrance of rich fruits. On the occasion of the 17th anniversary of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (SWS)¡¯s establishment, SWS held a grand naming ceremony on October 12th for the 6th 300,000 DWT VLCC-H1358, which is built for Gener8 Maritime. With the blessing sound of the attended guests, Mrs. Sponsor Margret Gonzales named the vessel as ¡°Gener8 Miltiades¡± and unveiled the vessel¡¯s name.

Mr. John Tavlarios, the Chief Operating Officer of Gener8 Maritime Corporation, Mr. Milton Gonzales, the Technical Officer of Gener8 Maritime Management Corporation, Captain Prashaant Micharandani, the Managing Director of Navig8 Ship Management, Mr. Sheng Jigang, the President of SWS, and Mr. Zhou Qi, the Vice President of SWS, together with more than 70 guests from various circles, attended the ceremony. Mr. Wu Yongjun, the Chief Production Office of SWS, hosted the naming ceremony.

The No.2 Quay is filled with a joyous atmosphere in SWS. At the greeting speech, President Mr. Sheng expressed that SWS had already delivered five 300,000 DWT VLCCs for Gener8 Maritime Corporation in the past few years. During the construction of H1358, based on the principle of honesty and win-win, the owner, the class societies and SWS paid respect and understanding to each other, actively negotiated and communicated, overcome numerous difficulties, ensured the production progress on time. The cooperation between both parties has been a successful example for SINO-US economic and trade exchanges.

Mr. Milton Gonzales extended his appreciation at the ceremony to all the involved shipbuilders for their diligent work. In his words, the construction and advanced delivery of H1358 under such a tough market environment fully revealed the confidence shared by each party to work together and jointly share the joys and sorrows. Gener8 Maritime Corporation has confidence in sailing on the same boat with SWS Shipyard and tiding over the difficulties through concerted efforts. He also said with a sense of humor that Miltiades was a great Athenian general a long, long time ago. He was certain that, were Miltiades alive today, he would want to work with Gener8 Maritime Corporation and bless the vessel for soaring the wind and braving the tides in all her good sailings in the future.

With the successful delivery of all six 300,000 DWT VLCCs to Gener8 Maritime Corporation, SWS and Gener8 Maritime have established a good rapport and deep friendship. In the future, both sides will seek more areas of cooperation and development, and continue to write a new chapter in economic and trade exchanges between Chinese shipbuilding industry and American shipping industry.

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