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SWS Quality Training Center unveiled and Inaugurated
      On September 28th, with waves of warm applauses, SWS Quality Training Center officially inaugurated. Mr. Guo Yabin, Director of Quality and Safety Department of CSSC, together with SWS leaders, attended and addressed the unveiling ceremony. Directors of each department of SWS, SCH and SWS Offshore also presented at the ceremony.

After brief and passionate unveiling ceremony, Director Mr. Guo Yabin visited the center accompanied with SWS leaders and department directors. By means of videos and pictures, the Quality Training Center exhibited the quality culture, shipbuilding quality control in shipbuilding full-life-circle as well as training and practical operation process with illustrations and graphics. The leaders frequently nodded with satisfactory during the visit.

Director Mr. Guo Yabin and SWS leaders highly appraised the establishment of the quality training center in the addresses at the ceremony and the visit after. Chairman of the Board Mr .Wang Qi mentioned in his address that it costs the Quality Training Center five years from elaborate planning, project initialization and application to full completion. Today’s successful inauguration and unveiling is a significant milestone for SWS’s quality management, and SWS will make full advantage of the Quality Training Center, make huge efforts to propaganda quality culture and concept, let every employee recognize the meaning of quality and understand the standard of quality. Director of Quality and Safety Department of CSSC, Mr. Guo Yabin, also attached his expectation to the Quality Training Center and regarded the Quality Training Center as an act of innovation, which symbolizes the pioneering spirit of SWS and its innovation and breakthrough on quality management.

The Quality Training Center broke ground on May 1st,2015, so far, it is the first modern training and exhibition center to carry out systematic training of theory and practical operation focusing on vessels’ full-life-circle quality management in domestic shipbuilding industry. The center is divided into theory training zone and practical operation training zone, the theory training zone is based on full process of shipbuilding and gives the employees theory training at different levels and grades mainly on aspects including management system, operational procedure, key management points and concrete implementation and so on. The practical operation zone mainly carries out practical operation experience focusing on special and key process. In order to evaluate the training effect, SWS sets several examination simulation scenes in the practical operation zone, moreover, SWS independently developed the computer-based quality testing system which contains three classes like quality management, quality inspection and site work, 22 specialized directions, 9188 questions in total and forms a complete training and evaluation system.

I The Quality Training Center will work in concert with the Welding Training Plant, the Safety Simulation Center, the Ship Commissioning Training Center as well as the Training and Educational Building, forge a “SWS Brand Experience Center”, and play a positive role in building an expert-like talent team, promoting the process of employees’ knowledgeblization and standard work.

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