SWS Held the Third Quarter Management Strategy Release Conference

On July 3, SWS held the third quarter management strategy release conference of 2017. The conference made a careful analysis and conclusion on the company¡¯s production and management work in the first half of the year and deployed the Priorities in the third quarter.  SWS Chairman, also Party secretary, Mr. Wang Qi, President Mr. Sheng Jigang, Vice President Mr. Xu Ping, Chief Technical Officer Mr. Tao Ying, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, Mr. Chen Fuming, Vice President, Mr. Chen Weiping and Vice President, Mr. Zhou Qi, and relevant management personnel from SWS, SCH and SWS Offshore attended the meeting.

The conference rewarded Hu Ruchun, Zhao Lisu, and Tang Yirong who won title of ¡°Central Enterprises Technical Expert¡± in ¡°Arc Cup¡± International Welding Skills Competition. The relevant executives of SWS, and leaders from administrative departments reviewed the first half of the year¡¯s work and analyzed the issues existing in current production. The conference gave emphasis to releasing 2017 Third Quarter Management Strategy.   

President Sheng Jigang pointed out in his speech that SWS¡¯s ¡°Highlight Appeared Frequently, Deficiencies Appeared Increasingly¡± in the first half of the year which mainly showed in delivering 23 ships/4.931million DWT which topped the list in CSSC and basically met the essential requirement of ¡°Half the Time, Half the Task ¡±. SWS made a great effort by undertaking 10 capesize bulk carriers and made a breakthrough again in large offshore projects under the current market situation. The prototype vessels respectively of 20,000 TEU container ship and 400,000 DWT VLOC smoothly completed the crucial milestone and the management skills continually improved. SWS devoted great efforts to push the ¡°streamline the organizations¡± and basically achieved phased requirement. But SWS still faced some adverse situations, such as production imbalance, production milestone delay, rising shipbuilding cost, etc. In the Third Quarter, SWS should obey the principle of ¡°Carrying Out Responsibility, Survival of the fittest, More Pay for More Work, Fair and Equity¡± and further advance ¡°Fixed personnel, Fixed position, and Fixed arrangement¡±. SWS should take positive measures to overcome some side factors like high temperature, offset the backlog of work and delay of milestones. Meanwhile, SWS should honestly carry out ¡°Quality Improvement, Efficiency Enhancement¡± reviewing work, and lay a foundation for fully completing the annual production work.

Chairman Wang Qi emphasized at the conference that the de-stocking, organ-streamlining and management mode adjustment work have achieved initial results and the management and production work witness a good beginning. The leaders should make a good job summary in the first half of the year. Management improvement works which includes missing and defective part management, overtime pay management, per capita increased work output, limiting quota-material, quay and dock period control, docking integrity, welder management, group improvement, assessment of simulated legal person, work load and labor assignment assessment; life-cycle contract, etc, effectively improved SWS¡¯s management level. At the next stage, SWS should energize and continuously promote these basic management works, and persistently build the core competitiveness of SWS.

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