SWS Delivered the 24th Vessel in 2017
 Following the delivery of the 158000 DWT Suezmax Oil Tanker H1393 two months ago, SWS signed the delivery documents at the 15th floor of science building again in the afternoon of July 18th and delivered her sister vessel H1394 of the same type built for the Greek Ship Owner TMS TANKERS.  

The vessel was named as FONTANA, her overall length is 274 meters, molded breadth is 48 meters, and designed draft is 16 meters. It is suitable for carrying crude oil having flash points at or below 60¡æ, and fully meets the regulations of EEDI. 

 During the shipbuilding process, on the one hand, SWS actively overcame the unfavorable weather influence as continuous rain in rainy season and persistent high temperature, and the site productive departments worked overtime to catch the schedule of every production plan. On the other hand, SWS planned and arranged inspection items, allocated inspection time reasonably, assembled superior resources to complete the shipbuilding tasks with guaranteed quality and quantity. For further improving the vessel¡¯s shipbuilding quality, SWS introduced the third party supervision group to add double insurance for vessels¡¯ shipbuilding quality. During the shipbuilding process, ship-owners and BV class surveyors actively collaborated with shipyard, which guaranteed the completion of testing items just in time, and ensured the successful delivery lately. 

 The manager of TMS TANKESR¡¯s site supervision team, Mr. George Pertsas, deputy general manager of the Europe Department of CSTC, Mr. Huang Kai, assistant director of Sales and Marketing Department of SWS, Mr. Li Hui attended the signing ceremony and signed on the delivery documents. The Assistant President of SWS, Mr. Wu Yongjun, Superintendent Mr. Makis Saklamakis of TMS TANKESR, team leader of WAH KWONG¡¯s site supervision team Mrs. Betty Cheng were also invited to attend and witnessed the signing ceremony.


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