SWS Set a New Record Which Realized Full Hull Connection of the 20,000 TEU Container Vessel in 39 Days

On July 25, SWS set a new record which realized full hull-connection of
the 20,000 TEU Container Vessel H1413 in 39 days. Behind the achievement, there
is the aggressive erecting spirit of SWS shipbuilders, also the silent
contribution of SWS shipbuilders during plum rain season and orange-coded heat
alert days which made sweat drop down like rains.

Comparing with 88-day connection period spent for the
prototype vessel H1413, the connection period of H1414 is cut short by 49 days.
Such a large periodical contraction is the achievement of all departments by
pushing harder, taking initiative and collaboration with full strength. In
order to complete rapid erection, the Erection Department actively innovated,
dared to attempt, and optimized the process continuously. 

First Time of Large Scale
Grand Block Shift and Three Island Construction for the 20,000 TEU Container
Vessel in China

Early in the construction
period, the Erection Department held several discussions over the feasibility
of Large Scale Mega Block Shift and Three Island Construction. Through many
times of communication with Technology Research Institute and following
adjustments, the Erection Department finally confirmed to carry out Large Scale
Mega Block Shift in H1414, and adopted Hull Three Island Construction while
ensuring safety to break through the lifting bottleneck, roll out the
production fully and lay a foundation for quick erection. 


At the midnight of July 14,
the Erection Department started Large Scale Grand Block Shift when most people
fell into a deep and sweet sleep in air conditioning room, a group of
colleagues from the Erection Department were debugging 40 adjusting machines
which were used to shift the Large Scale Grand Blocks, and then they jacked up
the large scale Grand Block weighting 6500 tons at bow side, shifted and
adjusted it to the appropriate place.

At 22:38 P.M. of July 19, 11B
Grand Block was found overweight during lifting work. Project leader Xu Rentang
reached the spot that very night. He organized to clean the equipment and the
outfitting, optimized the lifting scheme. Finally, 11B was successfully lifted
to the appropriate place which ensured strict implementation of the lifting

¡°Pushing the Process Forward¡±
Achieved an Important Breakthrough

On the foundation of the first
shipbuilding, the Erection Department brainstormed ideas to analyze the
structure modality of first grand block at bow side. In order to decrease dock
workload and change the form of the general assembly, a variety of circular
seam and erection seam with high workload were changed to platform general
assembly joint seam and the seam was welded at platform stage which improved
the production environment and raised production efficiency. 

The assembly of the grand blocks
which are at high place of bow side as well as have large sectional line and
grave risk in lifting work was changed to fore-and-aft assembly. The
high-altitude operation is changed to low-altitude operation and thus the
safety risk was largely reduced. Meanwhile, the Erection Department expanded
the extent of general assembly, some production processes were shifted forward
and meanwhile the block lifting time was shortened too. Total 24 lifting hours
were saved for continuous lifting of mega blocks.  

Integrate Resources, Promote
Quality Improvement and Benefit Increment

At the beginning of H1414
shipbuilding, the Erection Department carefully planned and made full use of
department site and human resource. They used the temporary open spaces at No.
3 and No.4 platforms and free labor force to fully carry out the off-site
assembly of ¡°Ten Side Plates¡±.  Through comprehensively coordinating with
the side plate off-side assembly, they balanced the production load of the
supporting platform for No.1 dry dock, improved the integrity of the section
assembly, meanwhile the temporary low workload of No.2 platform was
complemented which is helpful to keep the labor team stable and make dual

During the general assembly of
the cofferdam, in order to ensure the continuous and fast erection of the
cofferdams, the 20,000 TEU Container Vessel project team made full use of free
space in No.1 dock to assemble the blocks of cofferdams, and kept periodically
tight control which ensured the consistency of quick erection. 

Facing high temperature and
declining production efficiency, the Erection Department took active measures.
On the one hand, the department has started implementing the morning shift
system since June 26. The working hours started from 7 A.M. and workers got off
work at 7 P.M. every day. During the intensive lifting period, working shift
ensured the consistency. The department needed 1800 stuffs in first plan, but
after active adjustment and tapping potentials, the Erection Department only made
full use of 1700 stuffs to satisfy the highest substance requirement. On the
other hand, the department supervised and urged the labor service company to
borrow labor so as to catch up with production schedule. It was a timely
supplement in the period of maximum labor demand. 

In addition, facing inadequate
equipment situation, the department actively coordinated and borrowed eight
Three Dimensional Adjusters from SCH before shifting work of the large scale
grand blocks. Through equipment resources sharing, the department met the
jack-up technology demand.

The new record can¡¯t make
without the management team¡¯s careful planning and the frontline stuffs¡¯
enterprise spirit of daring to be responsible and strict execution. SWS has
great capability and confidence to construct high-quality vessels.  

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