"Healthy Day" was Held in SWS

 On Aug 17th, SWS Executives Administration Office held a "Healthy Day" event together with the shipyard clinic. The event aimed to give further care and guarantee for on site owners¡¯ and class surveyors¡¯ physical and mental health, to improve their satisfaction with the company¡¯s logistic service. 

On that day, the Executives Administration Office convened specialist doctors from 5 departments as Medicine Dept, Surgery Dept, Ophthalmology Dept, Otolaryngologic Dept, and Dermatological Dept. to carry out the checkup and diagnose. The owner and classification society representatives from Hongkong Wah Kwong, Greece TMS TANKERS, COSCO SHIPPING, Netherlands SBM, China Classification Society and etc. consulted the doctors carefully and received diagnose from the doctors.


The event popularized the related preventive knowledge of some illness, strengthened the owners¡¯ and class surveyors¡¯ self-protection awareness, and further fully showed SWS¡¯s humanistic care for owners and class surveyors.


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