SWS OFFSHORE and BV hold the signing ceremony

August 30, 2017, SWS OFFSHORE and BV signed the shipbuilding classification
contract for SBM FPSO hull project. Mr. Marie-Francoise, marketing manager of
BV headquarters Marine department. Mr. Jiang Huatao, vice president of BV
China, Mr. Ulrik, manager of BV headquarters Marine operations department.  Mr. Philippe, BV headquarters project manager
and other project managers, together with Mr. Zhou Qi, vice president of SWS
and chairman of SWS OFFSHORE. Mr. Zhang Wei, vice chairman of SWSOFFSHORE. Mr.
Chen Jianwei, president of SWSOFFSHORE. Mr. Zhang Qipeng, Vice CTO of SWS
OFFSHORE and etc, attended the signing ceremony.

June 24, 2017, SWS OFFSHORE signed the EPC contract for FPSO hull project with
SBM, which is a global well-known FPSO operator. This project is the latest
generation of FPSO hull project, which is requested to meet the standards of
international high-end offshore equipment and should be carried out with the
international project management mode. The signature of the project is the full
confidence and recognition of the EPC capacity of SWS OFFSHORE project, is also
a test for SWSO¡¯s ability to undertake the construction of the most active oil
and gas exploitation equipment of FPSO, but even marks ¡°SWS¡± returned to the
FPSO construction market after ten years and offerred confidence to the
stagnant offshore market.

signing of FPSO hull project classification contract with BV is  another great milestone for this project.
Both sides will cooperate with full strength on drawing review, field
inspection, and technical service during the project¡¯s full life cycle; solve
the risks and problems that may occur in the engineering and construction
process in the spirit of ¡°one team with one goal¡±. Both sides fully recognize
and grasp the important opportunity of leading the development of the industry,
deal with SBM high standards and strict requirements jointly. In the ceremony, both
sides expressed a will to deepen the sincere cooperation for the project and
build a high-quality offshore FPSO.

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